Tonie aan het werk

visual artist
Tonie van Marle

About my work

Over the years I have developed a predilection in my work for structures, inspired by the formal language from the microscopic world of cell biology, archaeology and science. After series of glass constructions, installations, pastel drawings and memory projects, the emphasis in my work is now on drawings cut out with precision knives, in layers on top of each other and next to each other, producing a 3-D effect. These layers are made up of contrasting shapes and structures that enter into a dialogue with each other. This interaction is an essential part of the work: the final form of the work is not necessarily fixed and by combining the layers a new image, a new interpretation, a new possibility is created, without affecting the integrity of the image. The sum is greater than the individual parts.

La précieuse

La précieuse

The title La Précieuse refers with a nod to Les Précieuses, the 17th-century intellectual women whose language was characterized by refinement and cleverness. The paper art of La Précieuse is also characterized by a language ofform that is refined and surprising. Layer after layer of drawings cut with a knifeare superimposed the one after the other. Each layer has its own colour and structure. Together they create a variety of shapes, shadows and depth. The layers can also be combined in different ways to create a different image. Their formal language is borrowed from organisms, geometry or derives from fantasy. As with Les Précieuses, the work speaks of the need for precision, layering and aesthetics.
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